csc_0473-cati-1with Marjolayne Auger

The floorbar class is done entirely on the floor. The exercises are built to increase the coordination between the center and the deep muscles of the body. The curriculum taught alternates exercises with eccentric and concentric efforts.

The floorbar is used to:

  • Isolate muscles so you can better dissociate their actions
  • Increase your consciousness
  • Increase your felt sense
  • Increase your connection and connectivity
  • Increase your biomechanics
  • Improve your alignment

Winter semester 2017

From January 12th to February 23rd (7 weeks)

Thursydays 7:30pm to 8:30pm  Petit studio


18 $ per  class

100 $ for the semester

Photo credits: Kenneth Schwartzman

Registration via info@fleurdasphalte.com or by phone at 514 529-6635.
If you want to come to a class please contact Fleur d’asphalte to make a reservation.