Creative dance

Various creative dance classes are offered for children at Fleur d’asphalte from the child’birth until 9 years old. You can select the class according your your child’s age.


Creative Dance  3 to 7 years

with Émilie Tremblay

Using a range of exercises and games, the child develop its expressive and motor skills. The multiples learning aim to work coordination while developing the relationship of the body and the space. In an atmosphere of play and pleasure, the child is brought to use its imagination and creativity to generate movements and to express itself with and throught them.

Sunday 10h to 10h45 (4-5 years )

Sunday  10h45 to 11h30 (6-7 years)

Winter Semester 2017

From  January 22nd to  February 26th

Spring Semester

From March 26th  to May 7th (holiday on  April 16th for Easter)

Children’s celebration : Sunday  May 7th 2017

Costs : 80$ for the semester or 150$ for the 2 semesters

Creative Dance  3 to 5 years


cours-clarisse_delatourwith Clarisse Delatour
Winter Semester :  from January 24th to February 28th (6 classes)

(Holiday March 7th 2017)

Spring Semester: from March 14th  to April 18th (6 classes)

This class aims to develop the expressive and creative potentiel of children. The varied exercises are based on games, imagination and favor the awakening of the body. The children are developing their motor skills, experimenting the space, rhythm, the relationship to others and to the group. The use of stories and accessories or medium (drawing, materials, objects) allows the integration of a concrete support to dance.

Children’s celebration : Sunday  May 7th 2017

Costs : 80$ for the semester or 150$ for the 2 semesters.

Creative Dance  6 to 9 years

with Karine Rathle 

From January 19th to  May 2nd 2017
(Holiday  March 9th 2017)
Thursdays from 16h00 to 17h00
(A semester of 16 classes)

This dance class will introduce children to different dance techniques and movement creation. The first part of the class will be dedicated to the learning of a wide range of vocabulary, a physical warm up and to an introduction of movement techniques. The second part of the classe for its part will be dedicated to choreographical creationé

This class will allow children to develop their corporal vocabulary, creativity, their hability to work in group and their autonomy towards creation.

The young creators will also have the chance to present their creation to their parents at the children’s celebration.

Children’s celebration : Sunday  May 7th 2017

Registration via or by phone at 514 529-6635.
If you want to come to a class please contact Fleur d’asphalte to make a reservation.