Introduction to Qigong Parent-Child 4 to 8 years old

with Saïd Massoud

Qigong group enfantsHealth and the ability to listen to one’s own needs are developed from childhood. Through the regular practice of Qigong, a thousand-year-old discipline of Chinese origin, children are able to develop intuitive and creative qualities favorable to their balance and overall well-being, while working on coordination and developing the ability to feel their energetic fields. With regular practice, Children will also have a greater capacity to take care of themselves and nurture their natural abilities in all aspects of their being i.e. physical, emotional and psychic. Parents, taking part of our Qigong class, will learn different simple but effective exercises and tools to explore and deepen their relationship with their children. The parent-child Qigong class aims to strengthen their bonds and establish a real communication in movement and breathing.

Fall 2018
Sunday 11h to 12h in grand studio
From 30 September to 25 November, Break on the 11th of November (8 classes)


Thursday 17h00 to 18h00 in grand studio
From 4 October to 29 November, Break on the 15th of November (8 classes)

120$ tax included for the whole course
À la carte: 20$ tax included per session

Note: Minimum 4 registrations for the course to start