Musical Awakening

With avec Geneviève Levasseur, Les Petits Ménestrels


Musical Awakening  Minstrels babies


Age : more or less  9 to 24 months


Rocked by sweet melodies, minstrels babies and their parents will open their bodies and ears to the world of music. Together, they will experiment a moment of relaxation, discovery and sharing. Listening to the echo of a triangle, the sound of a xylophone or the rumbling of a drum, they will walk hands in hands the roads of the imaginary, where the music is passing by.

Guaranteed wonders !

Musical Awakening Toddlers Troubadours


Age : 2-3 years old

Saturdays 10h00-10h50

WINTER 2018: January 27th to March 24th.

128$ for the session

18$ a classes

Drop in is allowed at anytime of the session

Listen, touch, feel are the 3 words of order to of this workshop focussed on sharing. The workshops are based mainly on sensory stimulation  of the child allowing him a first magical contact with the musical world. Imitating the toad with the le güiro, the woodpicker with claves or the thunder with the bass drum, the child will learn to open himself to the world and to appreciate the beauty of sounds. Dancing to the rhythms and getting initiated to musical games, he is learning to socialize, to take his place, to listen, to share and to interact as much with the other children then the other parents.

photo_cours_genevieve-levasseurMusical Awakening Maestros Apprentices

Age: autonomous children 4-5 years

Saturdays 11h to 11h50

WINTER 2018: January 27th to March 24th

Cost: 128 $ plus taxes

Discovery of the orchestra’s sounds, musical games, songs in movements and learning melodies with the help of bells and xylophones will lead your children on the road of maestros apprentices. Conceived to help children make their first contact with the musical world, these playful and educational workshops will provided them with basic musical knowledge.  The last part of the workshop aims to initiate them to different music styles by introducing them to composers from the past to nowadays.


Registration via or by phone at 514 529-6635.
If you want to come to a class please contact Fleur d’asphalte to make a reservation.