Therapeutic Shiatsu

With Saïd Massoud


Shiatsu is a manual therapy rooted in Chinese medicine. It acts on both the physical and emotional planes. Shiatsu is practiced with the cloths on. The receiver lies down on the floor on a futon or, to adapt to particular physical conditions, on a chair or a massage table.

Its benefits are numerous: immediate relaxation, circulation of energy through the body to rebalance it, stimulation of the immune system, increased vitality, etc.

According to the principles of Chinese medicine, stagnant energy is at the origin of all the discomforts and ailments; by promoting the free flow of energy in the body, the discomfort disappears. It is in this sense that, by applying pressure techniques over acupoints often done using thumb or palms, mobilizations and stretches along meridian paths, the therapist stimulate the body’s energy, blood and oxygen to re-circulate properly. The pressures and manipulations are adjusted according to the need and comfort of each person, all this in a warm and caring environment.  

Come experience the benefits of relaxation or a deeper therapeutic work.

Receipt for Insurance available

-Massage session of 60 minutes: $ 60 taxes included
-Massage session of 80 minutes: $ 75 taxes included

Take advantage of these special prices available only at Fleur d’asphalte!

NB: Allow 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after the session for a short interview or recap, Health questionnaire, or some recommendations.

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I received with Saïd a treatment of high quality. I appreciated his kind presence, his sustained involvement with the client, his ability to adapt to what emerges during the session, and then the very application of Shiatsu techniques that I found surprisingly effective in opening up and working through blockages that are accumulated and forgotten in the body. An experience that I highly recommend!
Christian Vyboh, Acupuncturist

Said’s massage: a Journey into the heart of oneself, moment of stopping, allowing us to get in touch with a part of us which escapes us most of the time. Through his enveloping presence, his exceptional quality of listening and the depth of his intervention, Saïd is one of those therapists who work with empathy and generosity. Beneficial and rewarding experience to renew. Thank you!

Marie-Eve Clermont, Physical Education Teacher



Major skin problems.
high fever or phlebitis.
Heart problems not followed by a doctor.
Under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Advanced osteoporosis
Surgery of less than 3 months
Contagious disease, or Cancer without doctor’s advice