COVID-19 – Our preventive measures

COVID-19 – Our preventive measures

For all our renters, teachers, stage performers, therapists, movement lovers, because of the actual situation around the Coronavirus Pandemic, (COVID-19), be aware that we are following the situation very closely.

As a preventive measure and to comply with government’s recommendations, Fleur d’asphalte’s team has decided to suspend all its teaching and rehearsing activities until April 13th to minimize the risk of spreading the virus.

We changed the door code, so it will not be possible to come to the studio during this period.

We want to reassure you that the paid reservations will be credited. Your time slot will be kept, unless exceptions.

If your reservations were not paid yet, your time slot will also be prioritized, unless exceptions.

A warning will be placed on our website or on our Facebook page to inform you when we our activities will resume.

We want to inform you that a complete is disinfection of the studio is planned before the reopening of our studios.

We are making this small sacrifice for the long term collective well-being. Thank you for your comprehension.

To follow the evolution of the government’s recommendations:

Take great care and stay healthy.

Do not hesitate to communicate with you if you have questions, we do remote work. 

Kind regards,

Fleur d’asphalte Team