Fees / Fleur d’asphalte Studio

Fleur d’asphalte is a versatile space. Classroom, rehearsal space, but also good for your gallery opening, events , shows or shootings.

Do you have a project ? Call us and we will help you shape up your ideas. You are a teacher and you would like to start your classes ? It’s possible here, we have special plans that suit you exactly for this purpose !

Rental Fees : 

* All hours are due upon booking


Regular fees : 

  • Monday to Friday before 5pm : 16$/h
  • Monday to Friday after 5 pm : 18$/h
  • Weekend : 18$/h

Fees for 2023 members (Membership is no longer offered) :

  • Monday to Friday before 5pm : 14$/h
  • Monday to Friday after 5 pm : 16$/h
  • Weekend : 16$/h

RQD/UDA special fee :

  • Monday to Friday before 5 pm : 13$/h


Regular fees : 

  • Monday to Friday before 5pm : 25$/h
  • Monday to Friday after 5 pm : 28$/h
  • Weekend : 28$/h

Fees for 2023 members (Membership is no longer offered) :

  • Monday to Friday before 5pm : 23$/h
  • Monday to Friday after 5 pm : 26$/h
  • Weekend : 26$/h


  • Deposit : 100$
  • Basic amount : 100$
  • Cleaning fee: 100$
  • Fee per hour : 40$


Storage fees of $5 per day are requested for the material

No long-term storage (for recurring courses, contact us)

Modification or cancellation:

Any one-time rental modification or cancellation must be requested 24 hours in advance, otherwise the full cost of the rental will be charged.

For courses and events, any cancellation or modification must be made 15 days before the first rental date, otherwise 50% of the fees will be charged.


  • Remove your boots and shoes and place them in the shelves and racks provided at the entrance. In all seasons, especially in winter.
  • Respect the silence in the lobby/waiting room of the therapists.
  • Do NOT wear any shoes on the dance floor. 
  • Respect your arrival and departure times.
  • Respect the work of the people before and after you by being quiet and discreet in the common areas as it is only separated by curtains.
  • Try to include the time needed to gather your things and change before and after your activity in your reservation time, however, an extra 10 minutes free of charge, are included to give you time to sweep the floor before leaving. 

* A “checkout” questionnaire will be sent to you after each reservation. Please take the time to fill it out.

  • Forgotten and unclaimed items will be donated to charity on the first Tuesday of each month.

Other rental conditions:

Amplified bands and percussion are not permitted.

To preserve our floor, only dance shoes are accepted. No iron shoes.

Schedule restrictions apply to certain ”percussive” dance styles: hip hop, aerobics, African dance, gigue, flamenco, etc.

*By rehearsals we mean moments of co-creation for which artists rent the space themselves to practice alone or in a group.

From the moment the space is rented by teachers getting paid for their lessons by the participants, it falls under the regime and the tariffs: “Teaching” (even if it takes the form of rehearsals as is the case most often for teaching in theatre).

le studio de danse et creation Fleur d'asphalte

Fleur d’asphalte’s studioTechnical specifications

Technical specification:

1760sf in total

  • Large studio space of 900sf
  •  Resilante wood floor
  • Piano
  • Sound system Bluetooth
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • 1 table / 20 chairs

Shared space :

  • Resting area
  • Full kitchen access

The studio is also available for special events, you can propose a project and we’ll see how we can help make it happen.