Contemporary dance class taught from  different approaches and methods such as Limon, Release or improvisation dance to learn the basics or deepen your technique. This class will allow the awakening of senses, appropriation of weight and anchoring of the body in space. Athletic and dynamic classes will help you to stay or get back in shape.

Automn 2016

Beginners:  Thursday 6:00 to 7:15 pm with Marie-Pier Fortier
20$ /single class, 80$ for 5 classes or 180$ for the semester

From September 15 to December 8th – no class on October 27th

Winter 2017

From January 12th to April 20th 2017- springbreak March 2nd – 14 classes

– PROMO –Session paid before December 8th 2016 : 190$

20$ /single class, 90$ for 5 classes or 210$ for the semester



Contemporary dance level 2

Intermediate: Monday 7:45 to 9:15 pm with Lily Lapierre
Price: $20/class or 150$ for 10 classes

Fall session: from September 19th to Decembre 12th 2016

Winter session: From January 16Th 2017

Registration at all time via or by phone at 514 529-6635.
For drop in, please call before to reserve your place.

SONY DSCDance 50 years and better

In this class especially design for active adults of 50yrs and more, you will discover a fluid, elegant and expressive movement style. You will be introduced to the basic technique of modern danse which is inspired from classical ballet with a greater and freer mobility in the trunk and arm movement. By the same token you will benefit from a complete training programme worthy of a fitness class. Musicality, posture, alignement, breathing and expressiveness of the moving body are the foundation of this course. All the exercises are designed to be executed gently and can be adapted to your own abilities whatever they are.

Corps intelligent I et II (Translation in progress)

avec Maryse Damecour

Corps intelligent met en lien l’art du mouvement corporel avec les autres types d’intelligences développées par l’humain. Anatomie, physique, psychologie, philosophie et spiritualité jettent leur lumières sur l’art du mouvement. Des principes comme les leviers, le lâcher-prise et le moment présent sont appliqués à la danse. Le tout s’intègre dans un mélange d’explorations, de visualisations, de jeux physiques, de discussions et d’apprentissage de phrases de mouvement. Dans le plaisir et l’ouverture, cette approche donne libre cours au pouvoir de l’intelligence corporelle. Corps intelligent améliore l’organisation physique, augmente l’énergie ainsi que la capacité d’apprentissage et d’évolution.

Corps intelligent I

Mercredi 17h à 18h

25 janvier au 19 avril  (relâche le 1 mars) – 12 semaines

Corps intelligent II

Lundi 17h à 18h

23 janvier au 17 avril  (relâche le 27 février) – 12 semaines

120 $ la session / 75 $ 6 classes / 15 $ une classe

 Mise en corps I et II (Translation in progress)

avec Maryse Damecour

Mise en corps aborde les notions essentielles du mouvement humain dans une approche qui s’inspire de domaines tels que l’anatomie, la physique, la psychologie, la philosophie et la spiritualité. Explorations, visualisation et jeux physiques nourrissent une attention portée au corps et à soi. Avec un mouvement libre, sécuritaire et bienfaiteur, Mise en corps a pour but de démarrer la journée en pleine conscience corporelle.

Jeudi de 8h à 8h45

26 janvier au 20 avril (relâche le 2 mars) – 12 semaines

90 $ la session / 55 $ 6 classes / 10 $ une classe


with Marjolayne Uager

The floorbar class is done entirely on the floor. The exercises are built to increase the coordination between the center and the deep muscles of the body. The curriculum taught alternates exercises with eccentric and concentric efforts.

The floorbar is used to:

  • Isolate muscles so you can better dissociate their actions
  • Increase your consciousness
  • Increase your felt sense
  • Increase your connection and connectivity
  • Increase your biomechanics
  • Improve your alignment

Thursday 7:30pm to 8:45pm  Petit studio

begins January 12th, 2017

18$/ class, 130$ for 10 classes

Yam: Yoga, Martial Arts, Meditaion

with Marjolayne Auger

This class is aiming to balance yin and yang, to favor a better concentration and to optimize our physical, mental and spiritual potential. How could you start your day in a better way?

The session is starting with a warm-up inspired mainly by the Hatha Yoga practice. It will then continue with the study of kalari sequences, Indian martial art that gave birth to all the other martial arts. Finally, it will close with a time for meditation and rest. Note that only individual kalari sequences will be studied for the purpose of this class.

Come and start the day with us!

Tuesday 8am to 8:45

90 $ for the session / 55 $ 6 classes / 10 $ one class

Registrations via or by phone at 514 529-6635.

If you would like to register for a single class call Fleur d’asphalte make a reservation.