Clarisse Delatour

01-clarisse-delatour1Clarisse Delatour is a choreographer/performer, contemporary dance and creative dance teacher. After having completed a DESS in somatic education and a certificate in dance pedagogy (UQAM), she has undertaken a curriculum in Dance-Therapy (National Dance Therapy Center, Montreal). She is teaching to children teenagers, adults, but she is specialized in early childhoop. Her classes are given in different locations in Montreal (écoles primaires, CPE, écoles de danse), during events (festival des Petits Bonheurs, ateliers en bibliothèques, etc). She is an active member of the collective O.D.N.I., since 2010, with which she participated to various artistic mediation projects with Katya Montaignac, Élise Hardy and Monica Coquoz (Soma Populi in jail, On danse! in senior housing).  She collaborated as a performer or as a choreographer with Hélène Messier, Péristyle Nomade (Fractale, Responsive bodies) and O.D.N.I.(COMx2.COM, Qui Danse ?).