Somatic education by the Feldenkrais method (winter 2018/2019)

with Chantal Vanasse

Somatic education brings together several methods directed towards developing the body’s consciousness in motion. Somatic approaches focus on the body from the experience of “I”. It encourages and promotes a subjectivity that is taught and refined from one session to another by specific teaching strategies. These include the reduction of effort, slowlyness, comfort, self-respect, non-judgemental awareness of our feelings and the ability to distinguish and qualify one’s experience. The Feldenkrais method of somatic education thus invites, by the execution of simple and concrete movements, the participants to experience new perceptions of oneself. Age or virtuosity are secondary as there is always room to improve on our self-feeling and our presence in the world (Feldenkrais, 1993, Feldenkrais Quebec Association,

Addressed to people who want to:
-reduce stress
-improve their ease of movement
-reduce certain pains
-re-establish awareness with their sensations
-develop the wisdom of their bodies

Winter schedule to come!

Prices: 18$ a class and 150 $ for 10 classes.