Fleur’s team


Fleur d’asphalte is, above all, a team of passionates! The studio members work together to organize workshops, classes and events and they teach on a regular basis.

Founding members

Lily Lapierre, Karine Rathle and Armand Martel


Fleur d’asphalte’s team

Lily Lapierre – founding membre . She is  teaching MamaDances,
Child-Parent classes at Fleur d’asphalte . She is presently studying to
become an occupational therapist

Chantal Vanasse – President . She supervises our projects and
activities. She teaches  Feldenkrais and also choreograph,

Special member 

Stéphanie Bernard dedicated many years to Fleur d’asphalte. She has been a key stone in the evolution of our studio. we owe her the developments of many projects; the experimental Mondays, Summer residencies, the new web page, the improvement of our accountings, a better anaging of the everyday management. She always has been very important human resource. 

Former members

Maryse Damecour, Clarisse Delatour, Caterine Laframboise, Armand Martel, Karine Rathle, Mireille Robillard, Émilie Tremblay, Clémence Trilling