Maryse Damecour

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After studying sociology at university, Maryse completes the dance program from l’École de danse de Québec. Since 2009, she works in the field of dance, performance, music and theatre besides artists such as Daniel Bélanger, Hanna Ab Del Nour, Laurence Brunelle-Côté and Kira Kirsch. Maryse is pursuing sincerity in dance. She is looking for a complete gesture which is nourished by an emotion, a corporal state, a gaze, an attention, an intention, a desire. She is calling upon a dance motivated by deep interior movements keeping still the acknowledgement of the material form of the body. Her artistic statement is communication and transmission. Combining dance, performance, visual arts, music and speech, Maryse is addressing social and humanistic themes, aiming to participate to a collective reflexion societally and artisitically.