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About Fleur d’asphalte Studio

le studio de danse et creation Fleur d'asphalte

Fleur d’asphalte is a versatile space. Classroom, rehearsal space, but also good for your gallery opening, events, , shows or shootings. You have a projet ? Call us and we will help you shape up your ideas. You are a teacher and you would like to start your classes ? It’s possible here, we have special plans that suits you exactly for this purpose !





This space is available for rental :
Big Studio

Rehearsal :

13 $/h before 17h,  15 $/h after


160$ :Bloc of 20 hours rehearsal to be taken within 6 months and before 17h

Teaching :

15 $/h for private classes

22$ /h before 17h, 25 $/h after 17h

Events 27 $/h, 50 $ fixe charge Refundable deposit of 100$

Technical specification:
– 1760sf in total, the studio space is 900sf
– Wood floor
– Resting area
– Piano
– Sound system
– 6 tables / 40 chairs

The studio is also available for special event, you can propose a project and we’ll see how we can help make it happen.

Small Studio


An inspiring space! 

Fleur d’asphalte has a small studio space available of 300 pi2.
Bright and the atmosphere is quiet, warm and welcoming
Ideal for private classes.
Bathroom and kitchen are available.

Price list : 
Small studio

Rehearsal :

9 $/h before 17h, 12 $/h after 17h


9 $/h before 17h, 12 $/h after 17h

Bloc of 20 hours 7$/h Rehearsal to be taken within 6 months and before 17h

Teaching :

10 $/h for private classes 10$/h before 17h, 13 $/h after 17h

Building your network for your classes ? Fee scale over 3 months (do not include publicity from our part) 1st month at 50 % 2nd month at 75 % 3rd month at 100 %

Contact us at 514-529-6635 or